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Personalized gifts for incentive travel and conventions Cancun Riviera Maya Playa del Carmen

See this video of cigar roller service offered at your event:

Personalized boxes for 3 Corona cigars

custom rings cigars

Individual boxes for personalized cigars
Boxes and rings with your logo or names

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Wedding or Events Personalized Cigars for gifts
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Torcedor - Roller Service for weddings or events,
Our  offer a show with a duration of 2 hrs taking maximum time of 3 hrs.
had a Cigar Roller for the cocktail hour

50 cigars (2 boxes) of Corona without personalization  include  the raw material for manufacture of cigars at the ceremony, as well as work table and rollers

50 cigars (2 boxes) of Corona with  personalization at ring include  the raw material for manufacture of cigars at the ceremony, as well as rollers - torcedores

100 cigars corona size custom gift the legend, logo, inscriptions, or whatever you want to carry as well as the ring (arillo) cigar included,  the raw material for manufacture of cigars at event, as well as roller cigars work table, the legend, logo, inscriptions, or whatever you want of legend of  in the cigar box as well as the of ring
has its own cigar roller to make your cigars fresh in front of your eyes.

For a more laid back stag, this could be just the thing.
tobacco used to roll cigars  is premium quality  from  Veracruz Mexico

Cigars with your logo at ring
Our roller (torcedor) is working at event in front of your eyes

Customer making a cigar,  Made our own cigar at event learn to roll cigars
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Made a cigar and smoke it

Great memory gift for any event, participate, enjoy, taste, and remember with an original hand made cigars rolled at your convention

Roller produce about 10 cigars / hr but after do it cigars go to a press for many hours and then are rolled with final termination

On event, roller do a demonstration of different process and have a few   pre-rolled and do a few of each process to show to the people

Cigars without press look irregular , can be smoked and are good, but for smoker, cigars without press are too light and the air flow fast, Smoker expect   compact  tobacco and perfect termination.

For this reason cigars are produced a day before and we produce a few more at event,

Many times people want more cigars than ordered and we sell the produced there too

See  smoker tips to enjoy a cigar (puros)

Rings of cigars with logo, event  or groom and bride names:




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