Tips for living the experience of smoking cigars

When you decided to smoke a good cigar, you psych is going to have a great time. So be good to prepare the atmosphere of tranquility to enjoy sublime. Few will find peace in a widespread uproar. At least smoking a cigar. Sit in a good chair, put the necessary elements as a cutter or blunt, ashtrays, matches or lighter and peace, much peace. Then get to work. Here we go!

In principle it is very important to define the tastes of its palate. At what point will it taste? In the morning, after lunch, evening, after dinner? It is advisable to start with a light snuff, go ahead with one medium, one with more body and finally, after dinner, a more full-bodied cigar given the presence of a gourmet food and drink. Of course, depend on the particular taste of each.

Then, to take into account what level of pleasure that you want to. Should choose those vitolas (size) that satisfy your desire. Is not the same choice of a fourth crown (118 x 15 mm.) That smoking will give 1 hour a Gran Corona (145 x 15.9 mm.) Whose duration can be stretched up to 2 hours. The choice depends on the level of spirits to accompany the pleasure of eating.

Then you must open the cigar on the side of the head. It should be at a diameter not less than 50% of where lights. This will enable the "chimney" tire. If opened recently, will agglutinate contents of snuff in the closed part of the head and with every puff perceive tastes that have nothing to do with the making of cigars. Not being pleasant sensory perception, surely opt out. In short, he threw the money and pleasure that might have provided. You can do this in several ways: a) Make a little pressure on the head with fingers and then "peel" a bit the same, b) with a cutter in one or two leaves, c) With a special scissors and comes in the form of cutting. Never use a serrated knife and please do not ever bite. It is not tasteful.

Now, the ignition. It is generally used wooden matches. No more than two if they are special to light cigars (7 cms.) Or three if they are common. Never use made of wax. It can also be lighter gas. Never send to benzene as the pure strong odor. Personally, I disagree with some theories that light with catalytic advise. Much less if you have 2, 3 or 4 fire. For my taste, it heats and accelerates combustion. If there is no experience on or use of the element, the cigarette may burn unevenly and even smoked thus ultimately loses satisfaction is what we sought to determine smoking a cigar.

We have already turned on. Now, smoking. Do not perform long blasts. Should be short and the smoke is exhaled after savoring the taste. Neither should be continued and desperate. A cigar can be switched off automatically. Depends on the humidity there is and its condition. It must have, to choose, 20 º. temperature and 70% humidity. Outside these parameters, the cigar will not taste the manufacturer granted. I make this caveat given that there are two varieties of cigars. The machine-made cigars called scrap or scanning and capes (which wraps around the tummy) and layers (cells that line the cigar), which are paper. If paper. And then painted or dull areas with the addition of flavors and essences. Usually from the USA, Holland, Switzerland and Germany. Usually they come with the severed head in chamfer or "V". Then made by hand. Might like or not depending on each consumer's palate, but they are pure tobacco.

Consumed half of pure pleasure comes. The aromas are bonded and snuff reached its peak when smoked. We said that if you put out ... Well, in this case, to restart, but personally I do not recommend vacuuming while igniting. Advise it with the lighter or match between the fingers slowly turning and once he's ready to blow it out a bit. The cigar divest combustion fumes when turned off and thus avoids contaminating the taste and pungent language of a will persist to be continued.

We have already spent half of the cigar. Is the best. The conversation, good books, good company, good drink as well. Everything in its heyday. Ready to enjoy what comes. The cigar has reached the fullest. The blasts will be short, it will taste better and marry the same blends. Do not worry.

At no time disturb the ash. Gently place it in an ashtray with a slight touch of the finger near or on coal. Many times, pull a drag blow ash from burned coal and the consequent need to rekindle it again. This does not imply that care for your clothes or near elements. Just be careful, but again, do not bother. Ash help keep your burn on it.

Once finished it take policy not squeezing in the ashtray. Place it in the same and then the pleasure he gave let him die slowly. Cigarettes not smoked. Just goes. In one of the Festival del Habano in Cuba when I attended, full of celebrities, they asked the British actor Jeremy Irons was the difference for him between smoking a cigarette or a cigar and said, smoking a cigarette is to have sex. Smoking a cigar is to truly love.

Finally, recommendations Cigar Manrique. Never smoke a cigar in windy areas (beaches, mountains, sailing, etc.) Far from enjoying an incomparable flavor, will fight to prevent rapid consumption. Neither smoke on an empty stomach. While some smokers do, blend the flavors of a cigar with stomach acid is not good, either for health or pleasure. Note that smoking a cigar after lunch the same qualities somewhat frugal have a taste. The same cigar, the same quality, taste differ from noon than at night if you smoked a well watered after dinner. Finally, do not smoke in bed. Remember that the ashes that fall on the floor can be yours.


Experts say, "the art of smoking a good cigar" is also associated with a fine drink, andto peace and serenity that provides little pleasure. One of the most glamorous tastingswhere "Manrique" part, is what is known as "Habano - sommelier of La Habana, Cuba, where tasters defined according to their sensitivity and taste, the best pairingparticipating in the contest where you choose the most appropriate mix between cigarsand drinks. It is indeed a delight that can only appreciate those who enjoy the pleasure of a good snuff with the appropriate drink, able to amalgamate the flavors and aromasat its best. Some of the suggestions experienced. ..
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